Myopia Control in Houston, TX

Myopia Control

Treatment for
Nearsightedness in Children

Treatment for Nearsightedness
in Children

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a refractive error that primarily develops during childhood or adolescence. This is when they lose their ability to clearly see objects that are located at a distance. Nearsightedness may also develop in adulthood due to diabetes or visual stress associated with activities that require extensive visual concentration.

Any changes in your eyesight should be discussed during your annual eye exam with our provider. There are several warning signs you can look out for:

  • Squinting when viewing items at a distance
  • Holding devices and books close to their face
  • Frequent headaches

Scheduling a routine eye exam with our provider can help with early diagnosis and correction.


What is
Myopia (Nearsightedness)?

What is Myopia (Nearsightedness)?

The eyes of a child with nearsightedness grow faster and longer than they should, causing far away objects to appear blurry. If untreated, the eye becomes weaker and vision often gets worse as the child grows older.


See through your child’s eyes.

See through
your child’s eyes.

Our simulator shows how vision changes with different levels of nearsightedness. How nearsighted is your child.

There’s more to MiSight® 1 day contact lenses than meets the eye.
There’s more to MiSight®
1 day contact lenses than meets the eye.

The FIRST and ONLY FDA-approved* product proven to slow myopia progression in children, aged 8-12 at the initiation of treatment.

On average, age-appropriate children wearing MiSight® 1 day contact lenses progressed less than -1.00D over 6 years.

Children as young as 8 years old can confidently apply and remove MiSight® 1 day lenses on their own.

Children wearing MiSight® 1 day achieved better than 20/20 vision across all visits over a 6-year period.

Make Your Child's Sight Your Fight™
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